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  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the caregiver’s portrait session. It gave me and all involved a chance to share our story and to bring attention to the devastation this disease inflicts on families. Hopefully a cure will be available soon to help alleviate the suffering . I will be sending you some photos my son took of my husband Roosevelt and myself when he was first placed in a Memory care facility. He was so angry that he became violent, attacked other residents and had to be sent to the ER for evaluation and appropriate medications to calm him. The facility refused to take him back as he was deemed a threat to the other residents. Fortunately the case worker at the ER contacted the state Social Worker and with diligence and a miracle they were able to obtain placement overnight at the facility where he currently resides. The cost of caregiving takes both a financial and emotional toll on all as his entire monthly SS and pension goes to the facility. I had retired and was forced to return to work because all our savings were eventually exhausted and although he was a serviceman he was denied benefits from the VA because we made too much money.

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