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  1. Hi, my name is Kind Essence. I am so sorry to hear this, but being sorry is not enough. We need to do more to support our caregivers. I care for my aunt, and before I cared for my Mother until she passed. I realize the burden we carry is a heavy one, but could be somewhat leviated with more help and support. My goal is to fight for greater support, both financially and physical, so that the effort we chose to so in caring for our love ones does not kill, weaken or break our bank accounts. I truly believe that with more support from our governing states this can happen in our life time. The monies going to nursing homes is disgusting. The states could save the tax payers millions of dollars if they gave half of that money to the caregivers to keep their love ones at home in a community which truly cares for them. I had to fight to keep my aunt, Constance C. Clinton, out of a nursing home. A court appointed guardian was hell bent on keeping her in one, and stealing her home. I fought with all my might, emptied my bank accounts getting lawyers, staging marches and protests to do this. I enlisted the help of grass roots organization such as The Womens Crossroads Center. Please contact me, I have a Caregivers Coalition group, and would love for anyone to join.

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